3 April

Lip Piercing and Mouth Piercing History

A practice that involves puncturing of body parts thus creating an opening for wearing of jewelry; body piercing is an age long practice with the […]

16 March

Top ten pierced celebrities

Body piercing is a type of body modification that has been around thousands of years, but really only in the public eye for decades. Body […]

14 February

Surface Piercing Jewelry Options

If you’re looking to make a statement with your body piercing, why not consider surface piercing jewelry options? What you’ll find is that adorning the […]

7 December

A History Of Septum Piercing

Men and women have used jewelry as a status symbol and also for beautification according to the annals of history. From wearing small pearls signifying […]

30 November

Caring For Your Piercings In The Winter

The winter weather adversely affects the skin, especially pierced parts. Colder weather is associated with dry skin. People with fresh body piercings need to know […]