7 December

A History Of Septum Piercing

Men and women have used jewelry as a status symbol and also for beautification according to the annals of history. From wearing small pearls signifying […]

30 November

Caring For Your Piercings In The Winter

The winter weather adversely affects the skin, especially pierced parts. Colder weather is associated with dry skin. People with fresh body piercings need to know […]

24 February

What is a septum piercing?

The septum – medical professionals would say it’s the cartilage wall in between the nostrils. In the piercing world it can refer to everything that […]

24 February

Nipple piercings overview

Charting the rise in popularity of body piercing over the course of history is a challenge for many reasons. Archaeological sites may have provided more […]

24 February

10 Tips for Finding High-Quality Body Jewelry

In a world that has become increasing globalised, the availability of low-price wholesale body jewelry on the market has exploded.  Cheap wholesale jewelry from countries […]