Hot Body Piercing Trends For 2021

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Body piercings have become the new way of self-expression and are a form of art that has become accepted worldwide. With lots of piercing options available, choosing this body art is not only trend-worthy but a decision that will allow you to push your fashion limits. In 2021, we are already witnessing a growing demand for piercings propelled by new ideas and customized placements that spark trends.

If you are contemplating getting a piercing, here are the hottest trends in 2021:

1. Labret piercing

Labret piercing is increasingly becoming popular, thanks to the growing number of fashion influencers and celebrities who opted for it. Unlike most lip piercings, it pierces underneath the bottom lip horizontally in the center from the front to back. This makes it both a facial piercing and oral piercing, giving it a touch of uniqueness that is hard to achieve with other piercings. For perfection, this piercing is best paired with threadless body jewelry since they are easy to put on as they simply snap into place.

2. Belly piercing

It is like belly button piercings are here to stay, and 2021 is not going to be any different. The strategic location of this piercing is its greatest strength as it allows you to have fun body art in an area that is often ignored. Also known as navel piercing, this piercing is done in, around, or through the naval. As a piercing shop that frequently performs this procedure, investing in wholesale belly rings is a sure way always to have your clients impressed.

3. Intimate piercing

The Covid-19 pandemic gave couples more than sufficient time to think about their intimacy, and one of the results is a growing demand for intimate piercing. For most people, these piercings are meant to enhance lovemaking, but beyond this, it is also a way of appreciating your body. Intimate piercings are majorly done in or around the genital placement of men and women. In turn, the genital piercing jewelry you settle for should depend on the position of the piercing and personal preferences.

4. Dermal piercing

Have you seen a growing number of people wearing jewelry on non-conventional piercing surfaces such as the back of the neck, cheekbones, dimples, and chest? All this has been made possible by dermal piercing that has introduced a new way of piercing flat body surfaces. As such, these piercings do not require an entry and exit point for the jewelry that you will wear. Instead, the dermal jewelry gets to sit on the skin surface, with only the upper part being visible. Since there is a growing demand for these piercings, a long-term solution is to purchase wholesale dermal anchors in a wide variety of designs and styles.

5. Daith piercing

If you are obsessed with piercings, you could opt for the Daith piercing that is performed in the innermost fold of the ear cartilage. These piercings are loved for how pretty they look, especially when paired with clickers piercing jewelry. As the name suggests, these jewelry click when shut and are easy to wear and remove as they do not have any loose pieces.