Boys VS Girls – Piercing Guide

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Piercing Guide

Boys VS Girls – Piercing Guide

Body piercing jewelry types exist for a range of different body piercing styles and areas. These range from simple ball rings and stretching jewelry to the more hardcore forms of body modification jewelry. It’s always best to keep both sexes in mind, either when you are stocking your piercing supplies or looking for new piercing ideas!

Body Piercing Favorites for Girls

The standard body piercings for women include ear, nose, nipple, tongue, belly button, lips, and vulva piercings.

1. Ear Piercings

Apart from the standard earlobe piercing, women also have at least 13 other options, which include piercing the inner conch, outer conch, industrial, daith, tragus, orbital, snug, amongst others.

These have unique jewelry types for each area including stud, labret stud, spiral, barbell, cuff earrings, etc.

2. Nose Piercings

One of the most common body piercings for women after the ear is nose piercing. Nose piercings can be done on either side of the nose, the nose-bridge, and high nostrils.

The nose can be adorned with any of the following jewelry types: nose stud, straight and bent barbell (which would be an excellent choice for nose bridge piercing) or hoops.

3. Nipple Piercings

As compared to the percentage of women with nose piercings, those with nipple piercings are quite small. This is because the nipple piercing takes almost a year to heal and it can be slightly uncomfortable. Nipple piercings do not have so many placement options as other types of body piercing, but different jewelry types can be used to adorn the nipple.

The most popular body piercing jewelry types are straight or bent barbells. It is more comfortable at the early stage of piercing and they are great for use as initial piercing jewelry. Subsequently, nipple rings and dangle nipple rings can be used.

4. Tongue Piercings

Tongues are a sensual and exciting piercing option for many women. Straight barbells are commonly worn in the tongue.

5. Belly Button Piercings

Belly button piercings are also attributed to a woman’s sensuality and femininity. There are many alternative placement points for belly button piercing as well as thousands of jewelry type options.

6. Lip Piercings

This can be done either vertically or horizontally and the choice made determines the jewelry type to be worn. Jewelry options for lip piercing include barbells, studs, and labret.

7. Female Genital Piercings

The most popular female genital piercings are in the clitoral hood, labia, Princess Diana and Christina.

Bent or circular barbells and captive rings would be the jewelry types of choice.

Body Piercing Favorites for Boys

Most body piercings common with women are also common in men who love piercings. Popular ones include; ear, nose, eyebrow, tongue, nipple, genitals and lip piercings which top the popularity chart.

1. Ear Piercings

Rook, Industrial, and helix piercings are the quite common piercing options for men. The most used jewelry types are captive bead rings and barbells, but extend to conical plugs and spiral rings. Men are also keen on stainless steel and moving into the stretching tunnel type more commonly associated with body modification.

2. Nose Piercings

Nose piercings in men involve the septum, nasallang, and rhino piercings, which could be seen to enhance masculinity in a tribal warrior style. Jewelry types for male nose piercings are pinchers, spiked studs, septum tusks, captive bead rings, and so on.

3. Eyebrow Piercings

The jewelry choice for eyebrow piercings for men can be simple rings, or if they want to go with a more masculine outline something like hoops, skulls, dice, and circular barbells.

4. Tongue Piercings

Tongue piercing may be less common in men when compared to women, but anything goes in today’s society. There are some that believe that tongue piercings enhance sensuality, so this might be a reason that men are becoming more interested!

5. Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercing is the most common body piercing in men. This can be partly because men can freely walk around shirtless, unlike women. Body piercing jewelry types preferred by guys for their nipples include spiked, straight or circular barbells.

6. Genital Piercings

The most common placement options are Prince Albert piercing, reverse Prince Albert piercing and the frenum piercing. Others include; dolphin, apadravya, ampallang, and dydoe piercings, for the adventurous man.

7. Lip Piercings

Vertical and horizontal lower lip piercing is also common in men. Labret, studs, hoops, straight and circular barbells, and lip loop jewelry are great options for guys.