Silver body piercing jewelry care

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No matter if you have silver earrings or any type of silver, the reality is that you need to pay extra care in regards to its quality and color. Plus, silver can lead to some infections if you don’t clean it often so this should be the first thing on your agenda, especially when dealing with silver body piercing jewelry. It is even more important to prevent any risks of irritation to your most sensitive parts by taking care of your body piercing jewelry whatever the material. But how can you take care of silver jewelry?

The answer is simple, you need to wash it often and use nitrile gloves in order to offer the best protection. Gently remove the body piercing jewelry and do all you can to avoid placing it in the dishwasher.

You need to protect your silver body jewelry in case tarnish develops because this can lead to infections. A good cellulose sponge can help remove all the issues and it will offer you the best protection you need at this time. Rub silver in a straight line via back and forth motions and you should try to avoid scrubbing. Polishing it will do the job quite nicely so all you have to do is to wait and take your time to get the best experience.

Scratches should also be avoided so when you do use or polish silver jewelry make sure that you opt only for the right materials. Granted, it will take some time but it can lead to some really good results in the end. You just have to take your time to get the right outcome.

Some people use toothpaste for silver body piercing jewelry care and that can do wonders. It’s fast and easy to use, designed to offer a very good quality without that much of a hassle and it works seamlessly so it can be a nice option to use.

Another home ingredient that can help you with silver earrings or piercing care is baking soda as this can also remove tarnish which is a very good idea.

Sometimes, just placing the silver body piercing jewelry in various types of soda can do the trick quite nicely since it will help polish it and there will not be any damage to the silver which is what matters the most in many cases.

There are also commercial silver dips that help you restore the silver in case it’s too tarnished. Obviously this might not be the case for silver body piercing jewelry and silver earrings most of the time, but you do need to take your time the best way you can.

In the end, there are many compounds you can use for proper silver jewelry cleaning. It’s all about finding the best one that suits your silver jewelry collection, and using it to maintain your prized possessions. Take your time and do all in your power to maintain your silver jewelry the best way you can.