Clickers Piercing: What Is It and How To Use It?

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Body piercings are all the rage nowadays, and their popularity is not showing any signs of slowing down. With the workplace also opening up, it’s become more acceptable not only to get piercings but to wear piercing jewelry proudly.

The new kids on the block have been clicker rings. What are these, and why are they so popular?

What Are Clicker Rings?

A clicker ring distinguishes itself from other types of rings because it has a hinged clasp. The clasp on one end snaps between two slots on the other end, ensuring it’s secured.

It provides a ‘click’ sound when properly fastened, which is where this ring gets its name.

Clicker rings come with either a straight or a curved post.

There are two key features that ring wearers love about clickers. The first is that they can offer a snug fit for people that love dainty hoop earrings.

The second is that everything comes in one bit, and there are therefore no loose parts that can get lost.

How To Use Clicker Earrings

Clicker rings are easy to put on and remove. Not just that, but they can be worn and taken off with little to no tears or tugging on the piercing.


To wear the ring:

  • Slot the pointed end inside and through the piercing
  • Push it through slowly until the tip comes off from the other end of the piercing
  • Once this happens, squeeze the loop closer to the other end and push it in until you hear a ‘click’ sound
  • The clicking sound tells you that the ring is securely in place


To take it off:

  • Try and pry the sharp end from the clasp until it comes apart
  • Once you separate both ends, gently slide the inserted bit off your ear

How To Take Care of Your Clicker Rings

Taking care of clicker rings does not take any more work than taking care of any other rings.

You do not need fancy solvents or chemicals to clean your jewelry. The first thing to be alert to is what material they are made of and clean it accordingly. For most pure metals, a warm soapy water solution and a soft-bristled brush to help loosen dirt and debris. A warm sea salt and water solution can get the job done as well.

Once clean, place them on a dry paper towel until they are completely dry.

If they have gemstones on them, clean according to the gem’s care regimen.

If you have numerous pairs, ensure to loop earrings in pairs when you take them off. This helps you keep pairs together and makes them easier to find.

Also, ensure to store them in a dry place. If they have gemstones, try and store each pair in a separate bag to prevent scratching.

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