Creative Tongue Piercing Jewelry Options

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Tongue piercings are a popular way to express yourself. Many people pierce their tongues, but unlike many other facial piercings, it often seems that the options for tongue piercing jewelry are limited. Don’t worry, though. There are plenty of fun and creative tongue piercing jewelry options!

Because your mouth is used to eat, drink, and talk, the shape and style of the piercing is typically a straight bar bell. Tongues are almost always pierced at 4 gauge (1.6 mm), but it is possible to stretch them to larger gauges, both for comfort and fit, as well as for a different look.

Most of the individuality in your tongue piercing jewelry options, though, will come from the type of beads you choose for the ends of the bar bell, as well as with the length of the bar bell. Tongues are generally pierced with a longer bar, in order to accommodate the swelling that takes place immediately after the piercing. You can leave the longer bar in, or for a more comfortable, less clunky and visible option, once the piercing has healed fully, you can switch to a shorter bar.

You can also find any number of beads for the ends of the bar bell. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. One tongue piercing jewelry option is to use a short bar bell with beads which lie flat on the top of the tongue, giving the appearance of a stud, rather than a bar bell. They even make “no see” beads for situations where you may not want your tongue ring to be prominently visible. These are particularly helpful, as tongue piercings are very quick to close, so it is better to leave a bar bell in with “no see” or subtly colored beads than to take the bar bell out for your eight hour shift at work, or the weekend of your family reunion.

If a bar bell is not flashy enough for your taste, there are other options for piercings which will give you even more tongue piercing jewelry options. For example, what are called venom piercings are two side by side piercings along the tongue. This allows you to use two bar bells, either with matching or unique beads on each. Similar in appearance, but slightly different is a horizontal piercing, which while it can look like a venom piercing, is actually one piercing, but with the openings side to side on the tongue, rather than through the top and bottom. For these piercings, you will typically use a curved bar bell, rather than the straight bar bell. Another option is to pierce either closer to the tip of the tongue, or the membrane connecting the tongue to the back of the throat. In these cases, curved bar bells or hoops can be used instead of a traditional straight bar bell. A final option for the truly bold and brave is to have multiple piercings done, and create a pattern using different bar bells throughout.

Whatever you decide, know that there are plenty of tongue piercing jewelry options out there.