Tongue Piercing Guide And Care

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Tongue Piercing Guide And Care

If you’re considering getting your tongue pierced you’re likely excited about the prospect. It is a fun way to express yourself and can be relatively easy to maintain. Of course you have to take the necessary steps to care for your piercing.

Your first step should be to talk to a qualified store that has lots of experience with tongue piercings. You want a salon that has a great reputation. Walk-ins are never recommended! Do some research to find out what places get the most positive feedback online. You also should seek a place that specializes in piercings. You want someone experienced enough to handle anything that might come up.

The next step is to consider your budget. With a lot of things people bargain shop. Now is not the time for that! Be sure that you go to a reputable place that has affordable pricing. You want to pay for thoroughly hygienic professionals who can do the job safely. Sure you might get a deal from a parlor but know what you’re risking.

Next, you want to meet with the tongue piercing specialist and tell them what you want to do. Likely once you find a reputable place they will need only a few minutes with you. A good piercer will be able to set up quickly so meeting for a consultation prior to your appointment likely won’t be necessary.

You also have to decide on what type of ornament you want. The great news is that different salons have wide varieties of designs you can pick. There are some realistic considerations to think about though. You want a tongue piercing that won’t obstruct your talking ability. Some people make the

mistake of finding a tongue piercing that looks fabulous but it just too large for their mouth. Take your piercers advice—if they suggest something smaller, then listen to them. The last thing you want is a great looking tongue piercing that doesn’t enable you to speak properly.

On the day of your tongue piercing, be sure that you have a good meal. Remember that you probably won’t be able to eat for a while (at least not solid foods) so live it up. Brush your teeth and clean your mouth thoroughly after you eat before you go to the salon.

After your tongue is pierced, you want to follow the directions of your piercing specialist implicitly. Keeping your mouth clean is the key to staving off infection and complications. This is a routine you’ll be following for 4 to 5 weeks post-piercing. There are special mouth cleaners that you can use to ensure that you’re safely managing the tongue piercing.

You also will have to change your diet, at least for a few weeks. Most likely you will be instructed to eat more water-based foods. Soups, juices, water and things that don’t put strain on your tongue are the most popular foods to eat post tongue piercing. You want to avoid foods that are chewy and hard. They can irritate the piercing especially if it isn’t completely healed yet.

A tongue piercing can be an exciting addition to your body jewelry. Be sure that you find a reputable and reliable salon to do the actual job. Be ready to take care of it carefully post-piercing too. This will ensure that your piercing will last for years to come.