Lip piercing guide

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Lip piercing guide

The art of lip piercing can bring a strong tone to a beautiful face. Some of the more popular styles can be called bites – amongst many other ways to define them. The variety this art of lip piercing comes with makes it a fun and exciting area to explore the potential of!

Lip piercing is becoming a much more common thing with women especially, but it doesn’t mean the healing process it simple. The intake of food, alcohol or cigarettes leaves pockets of bacteria in the mouth and can sometimes extend to the lips. If a pierced lip is not kept clean, it can get infected very easily.

New lip piercees must always try to keep the piercing clean and dry as they heal to avoid bacterial infections.

The average time for the total healing of lip piercing is ten weeks. Relief from swelling and pain will occur around the 5th or 6th week.

The following steps will help encourage quick healing.

1. After lip piercing, don’t smoke or take alcohol for at least 9 hours. If you can keep yourself away from alcohol and smoking for a longer time, then that’s great.

2. Don’t use your tongue or teeth on it and avoid touching it especially with dirty hands.

3. Clean your mouth twice daily with salt water after using toothpaste.

Lip piercing options:

Single lip piercing options

• Labret: This is the most common lip piercing mostly done by women. It is located below your lower lip, in the middle.

• Medusa: It is just like the labret but in an opposite position – local above the upper lip, also in the middle.

• Monroe: Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark birthed the name of this piercing. It is a single piercing found at the top left part of your upper lip.

• Madonna: It is a piercing made at the opposite side of the Monroe – top right of your upper lip.

• Jestrum: Just like a medusa, but pierced vertically. One end comes out of the normal medusa piercing site, and the other end comes up through the actual lip and can be seen at the center of the lip.

• Horizontal Labret: A piercing that runs a tunnel horizontally through your lower lip. The two ends of the piercing jewelry can be seen.

• Vertical Labret: Similar to the jestrum but here the lower lip is pierced so that one end of the piercing jewelry comes out of the normal labret area while the other end comes out of the lower lip.

Bite piercings

• Dahlia: The name Dahlia is birthed from the Black Dahlia Murders. It is a piercing of the two corners of the mouth with a labret stud.

• Snake Bites: Named due to the apparent snake bit appearance. Bilateral protuberance or rings below your lower lip on both sides.

• Angel Bites: Similar to snake bites, but pierced above the upper lips.

• Dolphin Bites: Seems just like labret but there are two studs below the lower lips, lying side by side.

• Spider or Venom Bites: The piercing consist of two holes made one side, placed below the lower lip.

• Shark Bites: A duplicated form of the spider bites. They are made on both sides.

• Cyber Bites: This is an exciting combination of a medusa piercing and a labret piercing.

• Canine Bites: Four labret piercings made on each side of the mouth.