What is the best metal for piercings?

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What is the best metal for piercings?

There are several metals that the jewelry can be made out of. However, when it comes to piercing jewelry you want to ensure you are getting the very best material for your new piercing. When looking for the best metal for earring piercing this is the same as for any other piercings as well. This means that if you are going to offer or think about offering your customers body piercing jewelry or earrings you should ensure that it is made of the very best metals. There are several options to choose from which are of surgical grade quality. 

Stainless Steel is one of those options. This metal does contain nickel, which is usually the metal that people have an allergy too and causes skin irritation. While nickel is still present in this metal, some people do get irritated by stainless steel. To know if your stainless steel is of a surgical grade you will be looking for 316L stainless steel.  

Other metals for piercings

Titanium is another metal that is commonly used in piercing jewelry. When you are looking for the best metal for piercings, this one is another option. Of course, the titanium must be of the surgical type as well. When they call it surgical, that means that it is okay to use it on the body. The metal has gone through a treatment process so that the various alloys are encapsulated. As with stainless steel, Titanium body jewelry can be bent into the various designs rather easily.

Niobium is another metal for piercings. This is a softer metal that doesn’t react to cleaning agents, bodily fluids and oxygen which make this a great metal option as well.

Gold (That’s nickel free.) is a great option as well.  Gold is a great one of the best materials for piercings.  However, it is one of the more expensive options as well. That is why we offer our stainless steel in gold tone as an option as well.  This gives you the look of gold without the high costs. Gold can come in both gold and silver tones. However, for body jewelry, you will want to ensure the material doesn’t include nickel.  

Platinum is the most expensive but makes amazing body jewelry.  This is the best metal for piercings but it is not very affordable.  It is also the very best for daily wear. If you like to wear your jewelry long term without removing it then platinum is the way to.  Platinum requires less maintenance than the other materials and is very hard, similar to stainless steel.

We prefer 316L Stainless Steel 

Here at Salamander jewelry, we like to use 316L Stainless steel for most of our body jewelry designs. It is one of the most inexpensive materials for body jewelry piercings and earrings but yet effective. This material can be worn by most people, including those with a nickel allergy with ease. 316L stainless steel is very easy to clean and keep clean. We often refer to 316L stainless steel as “Surgical Steel”.  

Surgical steel is probably the most commonly used in manufacturing piercings. We work closely with our metal vendors to ensure our metals are safe to use in our body jewelry designs. Should you have any questions regarding our body jewelry product line, ask!  

We are happy to assist in any way we can.