Septum Piercing Healing Stages

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A popular body piercing that has been embraced by both men and women is septum piercing. Unlike what many people think, this is not a modern-day fashion statement as it has been around for centuries. Many communities worldwide are renowned for having these piercings as part of their culture, where it was considered an initiation practice. So, if you are thinking about septum piercings, you are just connecting to our forefathers who sported this unique look.

What are septum piercings?

what are septum piercing

A septum piercing is the circular piercing that goes through the center of your nose. This piercing is made through the thin bit of flesh (sweet spot) on the front of your nose. Today, septum piercing has become mainstream, with celebrities and influencers being at the forefront of driving its popularity.

Does a septum piercing hurt?

Like most piercings, septum piercing is not a completely pain-free process. The good news is that it is an instant process where the piercer targets your sweet spot using a small clamp, needle and receiving tube. Typically, what you experience during this process is more of a weird sensation rather than sharp pain.

How long does a septum piercing take to heal?

The period it takes for your septum piercing to heal depends on the level of care you adhere to after the procedure. Generally, there are three septum piercing healing stages, and these are:

1. The tender and painful period

This is the first stage that comes right after you have your piercing done and jewelry inserted. You will experience pain during this period that lasts for between 1 to 8 weeks, especially whenever you have to touch your swollen nose. The septum piercing aftercare for this stage is demanding and requires complete dedication. You will need to take anti-inflammatory medicine for the swelling, and to keep your nose clean, always do two warm seal salt solution soaks every day. You should also use a piercing aftercare spray between 3 to 6 times each day.

2. The initial healing period

If you do not develop any infection during the first stage, you have kicked off your healing in the right foot. In the next stage, your nose will no longer be swollen, tender, or painful. Now you can easily change your jewelry and no longer have to deal with a bleeding nose. However, the scar is yet to heal, and you still need warm sea salt soaks, though not as regularly as before.

3. The final healing period

This is the last stage of your septum piercing healing, and by now, you should be feeling more confident about the piercing. Still, you need to ensure that nothing is done to irritate the fragile scar that has just dried. You also need to stick to high-quality body jewelry and use warm sea salt water to clean your nose.


Septum piercing should not be too complicated to handle, as all you need to do is maintain high hygiene levels. You should avoid touching your nose and jewelry during the initial healing stages and adhere to the septum piercing aftercare routine recommended by your piercer. Equally, you need to be keen on any unwanted signs and symptoms such as yellowish and smelly discharge, thickening lump, or worsening pain, as this often points towards an infection. You get to treat an infection early enough, and it will be only a short while before you fully heal.