Guide To Buying Body Jewelry Wholesale Online

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If you love piercings, you already know that the best part of it all is getting to adorn your healed piercings with gorgeous jewelry.

While buying high-quality individual pieces can get costly, buying directly from a body jewelry factory can be much more affordable. So much so that you can have tens if not hundreds of ornaments to change up your look on the day-to-day.

However, you need to go about this process the correct way to make the most out of it.

Below is a guide to buying body jewelry online.

1. Determine Trends

If you like being trendy, you need to know what is trendy and what you like before getting on the internet. If not, you will be met by hundreds if not thousands of options that will make the decision even harder.

Look at magazines and other resources and see what you like and what would look great on you. With these images in mind, you can then begin shopping online, trying to find ornaments that closely resemble your preferences.

Besides trends, you also need the specifics on the jewelry. One of the main ones is the gauge. This is the thickness of the bar on your body jewelry. If it’s too small, you will have jewelry rejection. If it’s too big, it can stretch the piercing.

A guaranteed way to get these metrics right is by getting them from your piercer during the piercing.

2. Think Jewelry Vis a Vis Your Health

Purchasing body jewelry made from the wrong materials can affect your health by causing or triggering allergic reactions.

Metals like pure gold and surgical grade stainless steel tend to be the safest when this is concerned and are best for people with sensitive skin.

This aside, it’s super important to get jewelry made from biocompatible materials approved by the Association of Piercing Professionals.

In this regard, pay attention to the materials used, whether the pieces are solid or plated, if plastics are used, if the jewelry contains nickel, and to what percentage. The last bit is essential because nickel is a common skin irritant.

3. Find A Credible Dealer

The last thing you would want is to pick jewelry and make a payment but never receive what you had purchased.

Unfortunately, this is common since the internet is open to everyone, including unscrupulous people.

This process will require some due diligence. Some of the things you n do to ascertain credibility are:

  • Contacting the company to see if you hear back from them
  • Look them up in business directories to ascertain their existence
  • Look for comments and reviews about the business online
  • Inquire about their licensure

The Takeaway

Over and above everything else, we at Salamander Jewelry believe that all our customers deserve nothing but the best. With over 20 years in the jewelry business, we have grown to become one of the world’s most recognizable names in this space.

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