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Here Are Some Top Trending Body Piercing Options To Try

Piercings have been around for a while, but the options and variety are greater now than ever before. Deciding which type of body piercing today is just as important as the style of jewelry that it holds. To help make the decision just a little more simple, a look at the leading trends that are predominant now may help. There is a vast array of body piercing jewelry types as well, what is chosen is largely determined by the type of piercing present. So the first place to start is to decide what type of piercing is desired.

The trends right now are leaning very strongly toward body piercings that are in the ear. While ear piercing has always been very popular, the new trends are quite different in location and appearance. On the top of the fashionable lists of today are industrial piercings on the ear. These types of piercings are found on the top of the ear. What makes industrial piercings stand out is the fact that there are two piercings for one piece of jewelry. A bar runs across the ear from one piercing to the next to create this fashion. 

Some other top trending ear piercings right now include helix piercings which are similar to an ear wrap, but with a piercing through the cartilage of the ear. The most fashionable trend in this area today is a double helix piercing, or having two piercings on the ear one right above the other in which small hoops are wrapped around the outer ear cartilage. 

There are also conch piercings and rook piercings which are placed within the inside of the outer ear. A conch piercing tends to run through one of the flaps inside the outer ear and is not wrapped around it, while a rook piercing is similar to a helix piercing but placed on a flap within the inner portion of the outer ear. So with a rook piercing, there is a hoop wrapped around the inner flap where the piercing is placed.

Of course, there are still many popular body piercing jewelry types that are not found on the ear. On top of the list of piercings placed elsewhere is the belly button piercing. Yes, this one has been around for quite some time as well, but it has never faded from popularity. With elegance and grace, this trend is sure to stick around for a long time. 

Another popular piercing region right now includes the lips and surrounding areas. On top of the list of a lip piercings are bite piercings that are found just above or below either the top or bottom lip. Included in the list of bite piercings are Monroe piercings, a piercing located in the area where Marilyn Monroe had a beauty mark above her lip. Next in lip piercing popularity is the labret piercing which wraps around the bottom lip with a loop, usually found in the center of the lip. 

Of course, rounding out the body piercing trends today are a nipple, nose piercings, and tongue piercings. These are still very popular and are sure not to die out in fashion any time soon. 

On a final note, dermal anchor base piercings cannot be forgotten. They are fashionable wherever they are placed. Whatever choice you make in your future piercings, I hope this list of the trending body piercing jewelry types inspires and encourages you to get that piercing you’ve been waiting to try.