5 Facts to Know When Buying Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Online

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Anyone in the silver jewelry supplies business will tell you that running a successful business is not easy.

However, over time, as you create proper systems and business processes, it does get much easier. The retail business today has its unique complexities.

Key among them is ensuring your shop, physical or online, remains adequately stocked throughout the year.

This is key. Over time, your customers will come to rely on you to not only have the latest jewelry but to have it consistently available. If you do not, you risk losing loyal customers to your competitors.

Here are five facts to keep in mind when scouting for a silver jewelry supplier online

1. Easy Does It

When starting out, it’s best to start small.

You need to be assured that the quality you get will sell. If you go big from the beginning, you will risk getting a huge consignment of goods that are not of the best quality.

It can severely affect your business to spend a significant amount of business cash on pieces that will not be sold.

2. Market Research Can Build a Business

Your clients will have varied tastes in jewelry. Still, sticking to the latest trends and designs will get you a healthier market share than stocking outdated designs.

Take the time to carry out thorough research to find out what these are and what your clients gravitate towards.

This can be through tracking your inventory to see which pieces are most sought after. Similarly, talk to your customers can give you helpful insights into the same.

3. Your Choice of Supplier Is the Backbone of Your Business

Being a good’s-related business, your choice of supplier can make or break your business. This makes having the right supplier central to the success of your jewelry store.

Some of the questions to ask yourself when trying to look for a supplier include:

  • Do they supply on time?
  • What are their refund policies?

4. Bulk Is Always Better

While your business’s size and the capital you have determines this, buying in bulk is always better. The main reason for this is the purchase cost.

Typically, a good silver jewelry supplier is more open to discounts and bargains when dealing with retailers buying in bulk or looking to be supplied on a regular business.

These discounts allow you to make cost savings that can be channeled towards growing your business and increase profitability.

5. Middlemen Are Bad for Business

If you can run your business without using intermediaries, even better. For one, your purchase price will be significantly lower, which is great for business.

Whenever possible, look for a 925 wholesale silver jewelry manufacturer that can supply your business directly. You will get better prices this way, as well as the opportunity to build and create a lasting business relationship.

Make the Right Choice

Are you in the jewelry retailing business or looking to start a venture in the industry? If so, it is best to go with a reputable, trusted name in the industry.

With 20 years of experience in jewelry manufacture, Salamander Jewelry has become the go-to for retailers looking for 925 wholesale silver jewelry

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