How to Choose the Best Wholesale Body Piercing Jewelry for Your Store

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Choosing jewelry for your shop can make or break your enterprise. Here are some pointers to help you navigate this.

10 Tips for Choosing the Best Wholesale Body Piercing Jewelry for Your Shop

As a potential jewelry retailer, the options in the jewelry market can be overwhelming. So much so that you might need help figuring out where to start.

Why not learn from other entrepreneurs that have done it successfully? Here are ten tried and tested tips for choosing the best wholesale body jewelry for your store.

1. Research Widely

You want to carry out some research and then research some more. While doing this, you want to learn all you can about jewelry.

The types available, the pros and cons of the different metals used, and their availability.

2. Know Your Customer

After learning about the different types of jewelry, take some time to learn about your prospective customers.

Here, consider the demographics, spending power, and the types of jewelry you often see in your locale. This will help you buy ornaments that will sell quickly.

3. Think Price

Buying jewelry wholesale is a great idea. What you also need to think about is the price per item.

The goal for selling retail and making profits lies in the margin. So focus on finding high-quality body jewelry pieces at the best price possible. This allows you to mark up the price and make a good profit.

4. Safety

You need to stock jewelry that your customers can use safely. This means high-quality metals and good finishing, with no sharp or rough edges that can irritate the wearer’s skin.

Stainless steel is an excellent option thanks to its hypoallergenic qualities.

5. Stay On Top of Trends

Outdated ornaments will likely remain on your shelves for months, tying up business funds. You need to sell stock quickly, make money, and restock to be profitable.

One thing to ensure this happens is stocking the right items that customers will be eager to pay for. To do this, stay informed on the latest jewelry trends by looking at fashion magazines and blogs.

6. Ascertain Quality

On matters of jewelry, quality is paramount. You, therefore, do not want to make a bulk order without being sure about the quality.

Visit different wholesalers and ask to see samples of what they supply. If this is not possible, make a small order to sample. You can then pick a wholesaler with excellent quality.

7. Cut Out the Middleman

Shrinking the supply chain by buying jewelry directly from the supplier can accord you some savings ad discounts.

These savings increase your revenues and allow you to buy better quality or more stock. Both options are good for business.

8. Look at Supplier’s Reviews

It’s not possible to sample all jewelry suppliers. However, you can look them up online and see what other business people like yourself say about them.

This can help you identify reliable suppliers with good quality products.

9. Compare Wholesalers

The best jewelry gives you the best of both worlds: price and quality.

To arrive at a middle point, assess different wholesalers to see who offers the most value for money.

10. Pick a Niche

Trying to do too much at a go can disadvantage you. When starting, consider being a niche jewelry store. Once you master one type of jewelry, add another variety.

Partner With the Best

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