Types Of Body Piercings Female

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The first piercings are said to have been done over 5,000 years ago. Since then, the art has seen piercings in all kinds of cool, scary, and odd body parts. Some of these have withstood the test of time, while some keep dipping in and out of fashion over the decades.

Whatever the case, most people will attest to the excitement of getting a new piercing on their body. No matter how many you have, the excitement and novelty of a new piercing just never seems to get old.

What are the types of piercings females can have? Here are the more common ones.

1. Ear Piercings

ear piercings

These are the most conventional of piercings and have been around since the beginning when piercings were invented. The most common ear piercings is an earlobe piercing. This can be in the middle of the lobe or slightly higher.

However, you can get dozens of piercings on the areas from all around the outer ear to the cartilages of the ears on the inner parts.

2. Nose Piercings

nose piercings

While nose piercings can be painful and take a while to heal, they are stunningly beautiful. This is among the reasons why nose piercings are so popular.

The most conventional nose piercing is one on the side of the nostril. This is popular because it’s versatile, and there are numerous jewelry styles for it.

Other piercings include rhino piercing, septum piercing, bridge piercing, third eye piercing, and so on.

3. Facial Piercings

facial piercings

Nose piercings range from simple and understated to bizarre. Indeed, people deep into the art and body expression use facial piercings to communicate who they are and show their personalities boldly.

Among the most common facial piercings is eyebrow piercing. These can be done from different angles depending on how you want to wear your jewelry.

4. Lip Piercings

lip piercings

Nothing adds oomph, sultriness, and color-like lip piercings for women who don’t find a bold lipstick color appealing enough.

The most common lip piercings are the medusa piercings. This is a piercing on the upper lip directly under the philtrum. On the other hand, the Monroe piercing is done on the upper lip, but the left side, while a Madonna piercing is on the right side of the upper lip.

5. Nipple Piercing

nipple piercing

These are piercings done on the nipple with jewelry worn on the same spot. Aside from looking good, nipple piercings are also done to enhance sexual pleasure in women.

It’s always advisable to think through nipple piercings Vis a Vis once lifestyle. If you risk tugging or chaffing it, it can take longer to heal, can widen, or keep causing painful jerks.

6. Navel Piercing

navel piercing

If you love hitting the beach and showing off your bikini body, a navel piercing can be the perfect addition to the beach look.

This is done on the navel, and again, there are different styles you can choose from to go along with the type of jewelry you want to wear.

As always, the most fun part of a new piercing is picking shiny new jewelry to adorn it. Regardless of the types of body piercings females you choose, Salamander allows you to shop for the latest, classiest pieces of body jewelry you could ever imagine.