Surface Piercing Jewelry Options

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If you’re looking to make a statement with your body piercing, why not consider surface piercing jewelry options? What you’ll find is that adorning the body with barbells and other fun accouterments can be a fun and exciting way to decorate yourself.

A surface piercing is double-ended piercing options that have are threaded underneath the skin. They are embedded into the second layer of skin, or dermis, so you won’t have to worry about anchoring the hardware in place. These are called surface barbells or surface piercing bars. When you have it properly placed, the only thing seen is the two dermal tips that screw onto the post secured underneath the skin.

Surface Piercing Jewelry Options

The fun thing about surface piercings is that they can adorn many different areas of the body. Here are some of the most common:

• Eyebrows. You likely have seen people with a barbell placed vertically through their eyebrow. This can be a great adornment.

• Bridge piercings. These are horizontal piercings through the skin across the nose’s bridge.

• Anti-eyebrow piercings. These are piercings through the upper cheek area placed at an angle at the outer corner of the eye.

• Nape piercings. These are barbells placed horizontally or vertically through the back of the neck. Usually, they are done horizontally, but both placements are possible.

• Cleavage piercings. Some women like to get their cleavage pierced with surface piercings. They usually are done vertically.

• Chest piercings. These are barbells placed between the breasts and the collarbone. Usually, they are done in pairs to maintain symmetry.

• Belly button piercings. These are very common and can take a variety of different designs, which is likely part of their popularity. They can be done with barbells or the many different designs available for belly buttons.

• Hip piercings. These are nice accents to the hips and usually placed higher than the navel, however, they can be placed at any angle around the navel also.

• Christina piercings. These are genital piercings for women. They are usually placed vertically over the pubic mound so the underside of the jewelry sits right above the clitoral hood.

• Frenum piercings. These are genital piercings for men. They are usually placed horizontally across the underside of the penis.

• Dydoe piercings. These are another type of genital piercings for men. These run horizontally through the top edge of the penis’ head.

• Guiche piercings. These are also male genital piercings. These are placed along the perineum that bridges the anus and scrotum.

There are a lot of different options with surface piercings. You can use a barbell or captive bead rings at the ends. With captive bead rings, you have an added selection of fun ball-endings. You can pick ones with designs to truly capture your personality and what you want to say with your body adornment.