Wholesale Sterling Silver Beads

Our wholesale sterling silver beads are available in 4.8 and 5.2 mm gauge from simple beads to cuter designs. These wholesale Sterling silver beads can be combined together with each other for a unique to them bracelet. These have been very popular in recent years. People love to personalize things up. And, what better way then wholesale sterling silver beads?
Here at Salamander Jewelry, our goal is to offer amazing and unique jewelry designs. Our clients are typically chain stores, small business owners, boutiques and shops that all have their own personalized store feel. Take a look around and we are sure you'll find something for everyone. We are proud to follow the jewelry trends and watch the data of these trends so we can provide you with nothing but the best and latest designs. If you are a business owner you know that having a great selection is important as well. That's why we offer such a large selection of both 925 Sterling silver as well as Stainless steel to choose from.
Keep in mind, the color of 925 Sterling silver is much brighter than that of Stainless steel. So, when shopping it is important that you get a bracelet that would match the beads. These beads are sterling silver and would need a bracelet that is made of Sterling silver to match or a leather one. We also offer a great silver rings, necklaces, and earrings options to choose from as well.
Get nothing but the best quality of jewelry for your shop here at Salamander Jewelry.

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