Wholesale Body Jewelry | Piercing Factory

Salamander jewelry is a piercing factory that makes all kinds of unique body jewelry for the body jewelry industry. We work with jewelry shops as well as piercing shops to allow everyone to offer their customers from the very best quality jewelry available on the market today.
When looking for a piercing factory you should certainly look at the quality of the jewelry and ask questions. Common questions should be what the thread is, some will be in metric, while others are in the British standard. Understand what you are buying to better serve your clients. If you carry both metric and British standard be sure to tell them. This means that their jewelry will not be interchangeable as much.
Take your time when selecting a piercing factory to ensure they will have to be able to offer a continuous unique selection for your boutique. This is important in keeping regular clients stopping and looking around. Changing up what you have to offer on a continuous basis will allow you for more repeat business.
Talk to your clients and see what interests them. After all, they may just surprise you in what kind of piercing jewelry they would like to see in your shop. Take notes on what they are currently wearing as well as keep a running tab on your inventory and study it. If you are new, you will soon see color patterns and styles that are popular to your area. This makes reordering your wholesale body jewelry much easier and more profitable!

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Please note: Salamander Jewelry operations are NOT affected by COVID-19. We are currently able to prepare and ship orders as normal. Stay Safe.