Environmental concerns


When it comes to the environment, we put our money where our mouth is. When we built the factory in 2007, we went ahead and installed what we thought were good systems to treat water, smoke and dust coming out of the factory. After we opened officially, officers from the Thai industrial department came to inspect the factory as well as our environmental systems. At the end of the visit, they asked us if they could take some pictures!!! It turned out they had never seen such good systems in place in Nakhon Pathom province…


Our waste water treatment plant cleans all the water used in our industrial processes. The water is then reused to water trees and plants around the factory as well as the football fields next door. Excess water is then sent back in a canal close to the factory. The output of the system is being tested every month to make sure we do not release anything toxic in the environment.




Fumes from our plating department, casting department as well as chemical polishing department all go through a wet scrubber that neutralize them before being released outside.


All the dust from our filling and polishing department is being sucked in a central dust collector. Metal particles of brass, pewter, silver, steel and gold all go in the dust collector instead of in our workers lungs.






In 2012, we achieved ISO14001 certification of our environmental management systems and policies. While it is not compulsory in Thailand to get such a certification, we value the process of going through the certification. It gives us the opportunity to question our policies and the way we manage waste.


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