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In short: Peace of mind

When you order from Salamander jewelry, as opposed to some of our colleagues in the industry,
you know you’ll get the following:


Standard products with specifications that do not change every month because we suddenly changed supplier. We try to manufacture most items and when we do not, we have long standing relationships with our suppliers, which means the products are always the same from one order to the next.


An assurance of the quality of the material we use. Our steel is surgical 316L and our titanium is Grade 23. We do not use cheaper steel 303 or 304 for our bigger pieces (flesh tunnels, plugs) like some of our competitors. Yes, our prices are more expensive than others for these pieces but we do not compromise with quality.




What you have ordered in the sizes you ordered and the colors you ordered. When in doubt, we ask. We do not give red because we are out of stock of blue…

The biggest collection of body jewelry in the industry in all the sizes and colors you can imagine. Even if we don’t carry a size or a color, we can probably manufacture it if you are willing to order our minimum quantity. We try to carry all the materials in use in the body piercing industry. Be it surgical steel, titanium, PTFE, BioFlex, gold, silver, organics, acrylic or Pyrex, we have it.

The knowledge you are dealing with a reputable company that does not use child labor or throw toxic waste in the environment.

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