Why should I buy from Salamander Jewelry when I can find similar cheaper items online?

We find that our price range reflects the quality we produce. We are dedicated to quality, and never compromise on this. All of our products come with our quality guarantee, straight from our factory. Our bulk discounts enable us to provide a level of quality that’s unprecedented at our prices.

Do you manufacture jewelry?

Yes – all of our Stainless steel, Silver and body piercing jewelry is made in house here in Bangkok, Thailand. We have our main factory here and also a branch at which all of our jewelry can be seen and tried in Bangkok’s popular tourist spot, Khao San Road. Come and pay us a visit!

Do you offer custom jewelry?

Absolutely! Working from your designs or drawings, or directly with our design team – for the right size of order we can design any piece that you want! Our design services extend from displays to custom catalogues, and offer customers full access to our image and website database. Please contact our customer service department directly for more information.

Is there a Salamander Jewelry printed catalogue available?

We do have a printed catalogue but it’s much better for you to check our database online, which is updated on a daily basis with all of our newest ranges.


Can I reorder my favourite items?

All of your previous orders are stored in your account section for you to easily reorder anything you have bought in the past.

See this video:

Is there a minimum quantity or value for orders?

We require a minimum order of 100$ excluding shipping charges on all orders. For order values of less than 1000$, full payment in advance is required before we ship.

What further discounts are applicable?

If you order more than $1500.00, you will get 5% discount.
If you order more than $2500.00, you will get 10% discount.
If you order more than $3500.00, you will get 15% discount.
If you order more than $5000.00, you will get 20% discount.
** To qualify for the above discounts, any value packs and items on sale that you purchase count towards your total order, however further discounts will not be applicable on these items.

What are the differences between STOCK and PRODUCTION ordering modes?

We update our stock levels daily, and we have 2 ordering modes in our account system:
STOCK MODE – best for most users, only items in stock are available to purchase. Time until shipment: 1-4 days (average.)
PRODUCTION MODE – (advanced) Users can order items that are out of stock for production. Please note that combining stock and production orders means that your order will be shipped ONLY when production items are 100% complete. Time until shipment: 2-4 weeks (average.)
These modes can be changed once per session, so if you would like to switch modes, please log out and then log in again.


How can I pay for my order?

We Accept payments via PayPal and all major Credit Cards. If you want to pay for your order by Telegraphic transfer (T/T) or Western Union, we will send you a proforma invoice before shipping for you to make the transaction. Please note that we may also request a deposit at the time you place your order. That deposit will be taken out of the final amount to be paid.


Please see our section: Shipping and Handling

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