Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

Wholesale fashion jewelry comes in a variety of designs and styles. There are also various levels of quality that as we shop owner you need to watch out for. We work with nothing but the finest quality of materials to bring you the very best in wholesale fashion jewelry.
We have many repeat clients due to our products always meeting their expectations. We strive to carry nothing but amazing designs and quality. This allows our customers to fill confident in what to order.
Many of our designs take several weeks to arrive. There will be a tracking number and this is usually not a problem for business owners that plan accordingly. Some of our items are located right here in the US and will arrive in just a few weeks. All products will show what to expect so there are no surprises.
We offer a large selection of wholesale fashion jewelry from bracelets to rings and everything in between. Our prices are set low to ensure you have enough profit margins to work with but can still offer your clients great pricing. Our goal is to get our clients customers with our amazing products.
Attention tattoo parlors, we have needles and bins for your parlor as well as the great jewelry selection. Many of our needles will come already sterile and ready to go. There are many tattoo shop accessories and tools as well as jewelry offered at Salamander Jewelry.
Get great jewelry and piercing supplies all in one spot. We offer free shipping worldwide for some things. And, we offer tracking on shipments as well.

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