Wholesale Sterling Silver Toe Rings

Wholesale sterling silver toe rings come in a wide variety of designs as well. All of the jewelry designs we like to carry a great selection that is easy for you to choose from. This allows you the chance to have a little bit of everything to see what is popular for your shop.
Across the nation, there are different trends going on. And, guessing is about all you can do as a shop owner. Take a look around at the trends that other shops in the area are carrying. But, don’t offer duplicated items. Be sure that you have unique and high-quality jewelry for your store. We at Salamander jewelry are always striving to offer the very best quality on the market. We work with our quality control to ensure that everything shipped is something you will be proud to display in your store.
Wholesale sterling silver toe rings are adjustable and easy to put on and off. They come in plain designs as well as the rhinestone designs for that added bling. There are so many fun designs to choose from that we are certain you can find something you like. Not all of our wholesale sterling silver toe rings are silver in color. Some are PVD coated to have a rose gold color.
Remember that sterling silver is a brighter silver than that of stainless steel. 925 Sterling silver needs to be cleaned from time to time as it does tarnish. However, sterling silver has been around for years and is a great material to make jewelry from and is quite popular!

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