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Training course "Empowering Team Management Geared Towards High Achievement”

Principle and Reason:
Good management organization can lead teams to great success. The training course is designed to build a management team with the idea of ​​bringing leadership development to the organization. Positive thinking is encouraged by superiors, with priorities placed on communication and leadership at all levels, leading to holistic improvement.
Held on June 3-4, 2017 at Kam-Sae resort. Purpose:
1. The participants have a better understanding of the basic principles of organizational management and team organization geared toward higher achievement.
2. The participants are conscious of psychology and good management, working as an executive in order to bring about success of the team and organization.
3. Participants gain knowledge gained to improve themselves and develop their team for the benefit of organizations.
4. To demonstrate teamwork in a high performing organization.
Course content:
1. Group Activities for Ice Breaking
2. Analysis and Understanding of Yourself
3. Analysis and Understanding of Others
4. Working towards a High Performing Organization by HPO SCORES Model
5. High Performing Mindset for working towards a High Performing Organization
6. Management Psychology for Powerful Team Performance
7. Six key elements for Team Management
8. The Castle of Management for High Performance Organization
The Expected Result:
1. The Executives understand the guidelines and the process of management and organization systems.
2. Executives learn about psychology in management and good organization in order to bring success to the team.
3. The management team learns the knowledge to improve themselves and the development team for the maximum benefit in the organization.
4. The management team can achieve company targets.



Team building

2014 Training at Nawamin camp, Chonburi

The camping was held to synergize team work for new employees. The activities aim to empower all employees with endurance, discipline, and strong team work in accordance with our motto “Strong Discipline,Powerful Team, and Excellent Organization”. As a result of the compeitiveness in the dynamic of business, marketing, investment and industry and the organizational goal focusing on effectiveness and happiness, we are attentive to develop our population to be the best.

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Training at Nawamin camp, Chonburi

Salamander jewelry company had prepared The Strong Disciplinary-Team work-Organizational excellence project 4th. This is to develop employee and organization to have stronger mind and body on July 27-28, 2013 at Nawamin army camp, Chonburi.

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