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Salamander Jewelry’s history began in August 1997. From our humble beginnings trading from a suitcase, we now provide wholesale body piercing jewelry and wholesale fashion jewelry to a broad range of organisations and individuals all over the world.

We are a wholesale body jewelry manufacturer and supplier with customers on every continent. Our goal is to provide the most diverse collection of wholesale jewelry at the world’s best price-to-quality ratio.

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At Salamander Jewelry we are probably best known for our body piercing jewelry and stainless steel jewelry ranges, although our wholesale body jewelry comes in many different styles and materials. Our range of wholesale body jewelry extends from silver ear-rings to body modification jewelry such as septum tunnels, and every single piece is manufactured in house at our factory in Thailand. Working with stainless steel 316L, gold, titanium, plastic, silver or organics such as wood or bone, the same levels of quality control are always applied, with the full spectrum of material safety certification expected in the body piercing industry.


Our ultimate goal is providing the most customizable and varied selection in the world, and making your shopping experience as convenient and user-friendly as we can. Our operations are governed by the strictest of standards, meaning that manufacturing and management can work together at optimum efficiency. A happy workplace is a productive one, so we focus on making our workplace attractive and retaining our employees for as long as we can. This amounts to an organisation that provides a world class service and is a positive force in our local community.


Our ranges are suitable for many price points – silver jewelry, gold jewelry, versatile steel barbells essential from a small piercing studio to multi-national chain-store suppliers. Wholesale jewelry suppliers are able stock their entire catalogue from our ranges, to any budget. For piercing studios, we can manufacture jewelry to suit specific catalogues, and even help with design elements. As our customer you have access to all of our image catalogues and documentation so that your customers can have the same smooth shopping experience we provide.


Where can you find our body jewelry and fashion jewelry? Many name brand stores carry our products across the USA, Europe, Australia and Asia. Buying from us direct gives you access to our complete catalogue and discount plans on wholesale orders. Our prices are already highly competitive, and bulk orders are priced so you can take advantage of our huge stock levels on all our wholesale jewelry items.


What really sets us apart from the competition is the combination of our manufacturing quality paired with our ethical operation. We have always run our factory with our workers, customers and environment in mind. Our employees are highly skilled, committed to their profession and happy in a workplace that has their best interests at heart. We are highly conscientious, dedicated to the well-being of each individual staff member as well as the environment at large. We use only the most efficient machinery in our certified safe workplace, and our portfolio of certifications attests to our dedication to this. We run a variety of community projects in our area, raising awareness, educating and empowering the community that we are part of – and these efforts are award-winning.


Buying from us supports our vision of quality provided conscientiously for a greener future.

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