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Our main business is of course body piercing jewelry but we also have other services.

We have a full production line for silver jewelry including mold making, wax injection, casting, filing, stone setting and polishing.

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We offer contract manufacturing. If you have your own designs or even only drawings, we can take care of all the production from mold making all the way to final quality control and packing.

We can manufacture costume jewelry in brass, pewter or even stainless steel with different plating: silver plating, rhodium plating, imitation rhodium plating, gold plating, PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating in black, zircon or gold, e-coating in red, pink, fuchsia or white, etc…

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We were one of the first factories in Asia to offer steel cast jewelry. We started with piercing jewelry but can now make bigger pieces like rings, bangles and pendants. Surgical steel jewelry is very interesting as a substitute for silver as the material cost is much lower and it will not tarnish like silver. It also does not require any plating to be shiny. Manufacturing costs are higher than silver but the finished products are still relatively cheaper. What is priceless though is that in a retail environment, the jewelry will never tarnish. Steel jewelry in the display cases will remain attractive even after a few months or years. There is no need to re-polish or clean the jewelry every few weeks. We can plate the steel jewelry in gold or use a PVD coating in black, zircon or gold. We can even coat the steel in titanium and then anodize it in green, yellow, dark blue, light blue, purple or rainbow.

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We can help you with all your graphics work by supplying pictures or even “ready made” catalogs. We can print your artwork for you if you need it. We also offer customers access to our website database.

We support customers with all their packing requirements. We can print your own labels with or without barcodes; we can pack the jewelry in soft pouches or in blister packs. Whatever the needs, we should be able to fill them.

Our major strength as always been the stock we keep. As of 2013, we keep over 50,000 individual components in stock at all time. Of course, it cannot be perfect and we’re sometimes out of stock for some components, but in general, we are doing a good job at inventory control.

our service our service our service

We try to have the widest range of body piercing jewelry in the industry. Be it colors or sizes, we try to have everything in stock.

Our customer service department can answer queries in English, French and Spanish.