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About Salamander Jewelry

Salamander Jewelry Co., Ltd. was founded in August of 1998. We are a wholesale body jewelry supplier, and our aim is to have the most complete and affordable collection of body piercing jewelry for bulk buying customers around the world.

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Why shop with us?

Our body piercing and stainless steel jewelry is recognized internationally, in a huge range of materials and styles. You can find everything from silver earrings to the most extreme septum clickers, all manufactured at our state-of-the-art facilities here in Thailand. We work with titanium, plastic, gold, silver, 316L stainless steel and organics like wood. We are proud of our specialized surgical steel selection, developed in-house and fully certified for your peace of mind.

Our aim is to make buying in bulk from us as user-friendly as possible, while still providing you unprecedented options for customization. We constantly review and update our operations to ensure our customers and employees are happy, our product ranges are fresh and our variations are countless. All price levels are covered, from gold and silver jewelry, to versatile steel barbells – which means that buying in bulk from us is suitable for both new and established piercing studios, and wholesalers with any budget. Our satisfied clients extend from the smallest independent studio to the biggest international chain stores. For the piercing studio, we offer customizable personal catalogues and access to all of our product images, sterilization, special discount packs and much more.


Buying wholesale directly from our manufacturing plant gives you access to our full discount plans and highly competitive prices, but you can also find us in many name brand stores across the USA, Canada, Germany, the UK, Australia and Japan. Whether you are a wholesale body jewelry supplier or a retailer, you can take advantage of great deals on all types of bulk jewelry by creating an account and browsing our collection.

We are unique in providing the best possible level of service, while also while taking into account the economic, environmental and social impact of our operations. Our employees are happy, well-trained and committed to customer satisfaction. We are a conscientious employer, dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of all of our staff. We use modern equipment, enabling our factory to operate efficiently and sustainably. Our community awareness projects have won awards and garnered huge local municipal support. All of our procedures are ISO certified, from worker safety to the quality of our titanium, steel, gold and silver supplies. All of our jewelry comes with this seal of quality, and buying from us supports our vision of making a positive contribution to society.