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For us, the challenge was never so much to compete with other companies but to compete with ourselves. Everything we’ve done in the last 16 years was to improve our production processes, quality level as well as range of products and in general, our level of service. From that perspective, finding customers was actually secondary to bettering ourselves. The goal was always to create a company that would be viable in the long run even after the original owners would pull out.

Of course, the company has always profitable and new customers keep coming. That allows us to continue this process of improvement. In 2009, we achieved ISO 9001 certification. We worked very hard over 18 months to achieve this certification. In short, it states that all our business processes have been standardized from the way we receive your orders to the way we produce them, check them and ship them. This certification is very typical of the way we do things. Originally, we wanted to standardize the quality of our products and manufacturing processes. We called in some consultants and explained what we wanted. They said, Oh, you want to do ISO 9001. We just wanted to get better and ended up with an ISO certification.

In 2012, we achieved ISO 14001 which is certification of our environmental management systems and policies.

In 2012, we also received our certification for OHSAS 18001 which is an international occupational health and safety management system.

As we improve, customers who work with us also improve. Many clients follow our lead and change the way they pack, label or ship orders for their own customers. They also use data from our database, our catalogs and pictures. Even our website products database is being widely used on the internet.

For the future, our mission remains the same, to be the best and to keep improving. We hope you will join us on that road.

  • 2013

    Salamander Jewelry bought out a European plastic manufacturer and now has the capacity to extrude as well as inject all types of plastics. This is the last step to really becoming the first fully integrated body jewelry manufacturer. We now produce every type of piercing jewelry and have in house departments for every manufacturing process.


  • 2011

    A new 1400 square meter factory annex connected to the main factory is opened and most of the larger machines are relocated to that building.


  • 2007

    Land was bought on the outskirts of Bangkok in the province of Nakhon Pathom and in December 2006, work began on our actual factory. This 3000 square meter facility is 2 floors and was finished in July 2007.


  • 2006 January

    Tragedy struck in January 2006. A fire took out the whole 6th floor of the office. Fortunately, no one was injured but it was time to move. In 3 days after the fire, not only did we manage to clean up the whole building but also rewire all the electricity on the 6th floor, repaint all the walls, fix the windows, repair the machines and start work again.


  • 2005 September

    Finally Avi and Thierry bought out their Korean partner and started the process of moving the Korean factory to Thailand. Avi moved to Thailand and we started reducing the workforce in Korea. When the process was over in 2008, we only had a buying office left in Korea with 2 workers to buy materials and ship them to our Thai factory.

  • 2004 February

    We moved to our new office in Pin Klao Road. It was a major logistical project at the time as we had to move tools and material from three different offices. We did it over 2 weekends and managed to remain in operations the whole time. That new office was a 9 stories building with almost 1750 square meters of space.


  • 2003 March

    We bought a silver jewelry supplier: Oz International Co., Ltd and started casting and polishing our own jewelry instead of using sub-contractors. Of course, Oz had their own office so we now had three different production locations.

  • 2002 November

    In November 2002, the Rambutri office was becoming too small. Thierry bought a 4 stories building close buy and turned it into a production center for all the silver jewelry.


  • 2001 October

    In October 2001, Avi and Thierry bought shares in the factory of their main supplier in Korea: E-ring Co., Ltd. We were now officially manufacturers.


  • 2000 December

    Thierry opened our first real office in Rambutri road behind Kao San Road. The ground floor became our main showroom and we used the top 3 floors as our office, stock room and assembly section. We soon had almost 100 workers working in that small building and it was time to make another move.


  • 1999

    In 1999, the Narayana Phand shop was officially opened in the center of Bangkok. That shop lasted until March 2007 when the shopping plaza closed for renovations.

  • 1998

                Salamander Jewelry Co., Ltd was officially opened.

  • 1998

    In early 1998, Thierry moved the stock into the shop of a Thai Chinese friend in Kao San Road. The stock grew again and so did the business. Suddenly, Thierry and the shop staff started filling orders that came by e-mail or fax. In February 1998, they did their first “Bangkok Gems and Jewelry show” to try to get more international customers.

  • 1997

    Our early history was not so glamorous. The owners, Avi Kaplan and Thierry Chausse met in Korea. Avi was working there as a buying agent and Thierry was going there often to buy goods to sell in Indonesia and Thailand. In early 1997, Avi told Thierry about this new product he found in the market in Seoul: Body piercing jewelry!

    Thierry told Avi this was a great idea and that he should go ahead and try to sell body jewelry to Japan. Then Thierry left Korea.

    A few months later, Thierry came back to Korea and again Avi told him about this new product. Thierry said: What, you did not start yet!!!

    So they decided they would sell the jewelry together. Avi started buying Body jewelry in the market in Korea and sent it to Thierry to Thailand. Thierry would then go to Customs to clear the parcels and then hop on his motorcycle and go sell the jewelry to Tattoo shops in Bangkok. Those were the days when the company stock of body jewelry would fit in a small back pack… no employees, no office but lots of motivation to succeed.

    From tattoo and piercing shops, Thierry started selling to silver jewelry wholesalers around Kao San road which was then one of the main silver jewelry wholesale markets in Thailand. Business picked up and from a small back pack, the inventory grew to a large metal box that Thierry kept in his apartment.