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Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint

We’re committed to resource and energy efficiency, to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions whilst spreading knowledge to our workers and associates about the importance of looking after our planet. The modern climate is changing, and we feel it’s vital to operate with this in mind, and encourage awareness every step of the way. Together we can make a difference.

We’re the first jewelry manufacturer to achieve ISO 14064-3 Carbon Footprint certification in the world, and the first organization in Thailand. Our certification is from SGS (Thailand) Limited and Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (a public organization) and covers 3 scopes:

The carbon footprint is one key way of measuring the potential environmental imbalance caused by our actions. The definition of a carbon footprint is "the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or individual."

We have a number of systems in place aimed at reducing our emissions and spreading knowledge about these issues, including the following ISO standards: ISO 14069 Carbon footprint of Organizations (CFO,) ISO 14067 Carbon footprint of Product (CFP.)

Scope 1 (Direct GHG Emissions) = 25 tCO2e

Scope 2 (Indirect GHG Emissions: Electricity) = 927 tCO2e

Scope 3 (Other Emissions: Paper and Water usage) = 18 tCO2e

(Calculated between January and December 2014.)