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Easy Way Ordering

Making order entry more convenient.

Login using your user account and password at

Download a pricelist:
- Go to your dashboard and click on “My Price List”
- By clicking the “Download CSV” button, you can get the latest price list in Excel format.
- You now have a complete price list of all Salamander Jewelry products that you can convert to any format you like.
- You can use that file to create your own price list for your customers or by using the “multiplier” field in the download section, you can create automatically a full price list with the profit margin you want.

Download the Salamander jewelry desktop application (SAPP):
SAPP is a ordering tool for customers who know exactly what they want to order. Used in conjunction with our catalog and new product pages, it is useful for rapid order entry.
- Go to your dashboard and click on “SAPP (SCS download)”
- SAPP allows you to order directly from Salamander jewelry without going through our website. All items are included in the application with your own prices.
- SAPP lets you order rapidly, especially for repeat orders. Previous orders are saved in the application and can be reloaded and modified.
- From within SAPP, you can download prices and products update so you will always have the latest products.
- We can support you if you would like to use SAPP with your own customers and your own price list.
- As you use SAPP, it will automatically download the items pictures. They will be saved automatically in your document folder. Click on the “Update” button to synchronize your application with our database and to get new product data. Restart the application after the update.